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May 25, 2017

Interested in learning about Domestic Violence? Register for PSYC 318D: Community Interventions: Domestic Violence!

PSYC 318D Community Interventions: Theory and Research Domestic Violence
Dr. Karen  O'Brien
Fall 2017
8:00 am-9:15 am 
Course Flyer:

Fall 2016 Course Syllabus:

Course Description: 
PSYC 318D provides an overview of research related to intimate partner violence, the community resources available to domestic violence survivors, and the multicultural issues related to interventions with abused women and their children. Students who successfully complete this course have the opportunity to register for a service learning course (PSYC 319D, Spring 2018) where they will facilitate groups for children living in a community shelter for abused women and their children. Link to course on Testudo:

May 23, 2017

UMD PSYC Alumni Profile: Brandon Bowers 12', Director of Human Resources, MACY's Inc.!

University of Maryland
Psychology Alumni Profile
Brandon Bowers 12'
Director of Human Resources, MACY's Inc.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?
I enjoy the strategical thinking portions of my current position. I oversee a team of 6 HR Managers who rely on me for guidance and coaching to better support their Macy's stores and employees. It's enjoyable being able to coach and develop other executives with the company to be able to see the positive changes that can make through their actions.

Which undergraduate experiences did you find most helpful in preparing you for your current position?
The course "Helping Skills" and "Intimate Relationships" were two very critical courses to my develop in my current field (and I believe they would be in ANY field as well). In today's workforce we talk about the benefits of having emotional intelligence which includes empathy, listening skills and self-reflection - all skills which directly apply to the workforce and specially HR. Within the field of HR, you have to make some incredibly tough decisions that may relate to a person's compensation, total career or what route to take from a disciplinary standpoint and having the skills learned in these two courses will impact not only how you react or make a decision, but it also helps with your personal emotional health as well.

How are you applying or practicing psychology in your current position?
Psychology is 90% or more of my current position. I tell my direct reports almost weekly that we need to find the "root cause" to the problem so that we can grow from it and the only way to get to the root cause is by asking the right questions (Helping Skills). HR discussions are packed with emotionally charged decisions and without the ability to utilize strong listening skills (Helping Skills), you would never be able to stay in that moment and help your employee get to the solution that they need to be at. Finally, much of psychology is rooted in research and then taking the data to do something with it. Business and HR is very similar - we look at what the data is telling us, speak with our employees and come up with a positive solution.

Any job or internship advice for students seeking a position?
Much of the HR field is now going away from the administrative tasks and evolving into a business partner. This means that you'll need to have a business mindset while also having all the critical communication skills mentioned in earlier responses. Any internship or experience that is directly related to leadership would be a great experience - it's strategic, you have to challenge yourself to come up with innovative solutions and you will be faced with having tough conversations with people when your thoughts/ideas don't align.

Anything else you want to share with undergraduates?
Yes! Networking - we talk a lot about
being connected with others and sometimes we don't talk enough about how to network. So many times we think of networking as, "What can this other person do for me?" There are often times where a random person on LinkedIn will message me and instead of creating a connection, getting to know me and ease into the relationship, the person gets right into asking for a job. Instead, think of networking as how you can add value to another person's network - this creates a stronger relationship and in the long run, you've got someone that will go up to bat for you. Ask for an informational phone call so you can learn more about them and their career. Whatever advice they give you, whether it's reading a book/article or gaining a specific experience, do what they suggested and then follow up with them on your feedback!

UNC Chapel Hill Diversifying Clinical Psychology Weekend: October 26 - 28, 2017

UNC Chapel Hill Diversifying Clinical Psychology Weekend: October 26 - 28, 2017

The UNC Diversifying Clinical Psychology Weekend is an opportunity for talented ethnic/racial
minority undergraduates and recent college graduates invested in pursuing doctoral level training in clinical psychology to experience an intensive set of seminars and workshops on graduate school in clinical psychology. The program will include seminars, panel discussions, and workshops on the various components of a graduate school application (e.g., personal statement, vita) with the aim of assisting students in developing a competitive application. Students will have the opportunity to meet with UNC clinical psychology doctoral students and faculty in both formal (e.g., seminars) and informal settings. Additionally students will get an introduction to the UNC program in clinical psychology as well as to graduate training in psychology more broadly. Travel, housing, and meals are provided for all attendees. For more information, please click here: The application deadline is Friday, August 11.

May 17, 2017

UMD ADHD Program seeking a Full-time Research Assistant well versed in fMRI!

University of Maryland
ADHD Program
Department of Psychology

The Maryland ADHD Program in the Department of Psychology at UMD directed by Dr. Andrea Chronis-Tuscano is seeking a full-time research assistant beginning Summer 2017 (specific start date flexible) for one year. In collaboration with researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Center for Neurodevelopment and Imaging Research (CNIR) at Kennedy Krieger Institute, the Maryland ADHD Program has been recommended for funding to investigate reward responsiveness as a putative mechanism of change in an ongoing randomized clinical trial of behavioral activation treatment in college students with ADHD who are engaging in problematic alcohol use.

Research assistant responsibilities include recruiting and scheduling participants for research studies, data collection (MRI and computerized tasks), data processing and analysis (using neuroimaging software such as FSL, SPM, AFNI and matlab), assistance with IRB paperwork and general management of study operations. 

-BA/BS in Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, or related field
-Research experience collecting, processing or analyzing fMRI data
-Proficiency with MATLAB
-Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills

How To Apply:
Interested applicants should send their CV, a cover letter describing their research interests and career goals, transcript with relevant coursework (unofficial is fine), and contact info for 2-3 references to Drs. Andrea Chronis-Tuscano ( and Karen Seymour ( with the subject line “College ADHD RA Position.”

Academic Peer Mentors needed for summer PSYC 100 course!

Academic Peer Mentors
Summer 2017
PSYC 100

Want to be a peer mentor during the summer session of PSYC100 (Introduction to Psychology)? Academic Peer Mentors (AMPs) will work with students by leading group activities and review sessions during the class meetings. They will also help explain concepts to struggling students, answer students' questions about the material, and hold office hours. The summer PSYC100 class meets on Mon, Wed, Fri from 1 to 3:30 pm, from July 10 to August 18. Peer mentors should ideally be available during all or most of those times. It is a great position to put on a resume, and if you choose, you can earn 1-3 course credits for your work as a peer mentor by signing up for TLTC 333 and/or TLTC 399. Note: you do NOT have to pay the tuition fees normally associated with summer courses when you sign up for these credits. See this link for more information about the AMP program:

Facilitate in-class activities
Help lead class discussions
Answer students' questions
Help struggling students
Hold office hours for 1 hour per week

Have successfully completed PSYC100 or equivalent
Available during class times (Mon, Wed, Fri from 1 to 3:30 pm, from July 10 to August 18)
Willing to work 7-12 hours per week during Summer Session II (six weeks total)

How To Apply:
If you are interested, please send your CV/resume and a copy of your unofficial transcript to the course instructor, Marina Chernikova, at You should write a few sentences about yourself and why you're interested in serving as an academic peer mentor.

May 16, 2017

Part-time Crisis Intervention Specialist position with the UMD SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors!

Part-time Crisis Intervention Specialist Position
University of Maryland
SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors

The University of Maryland Support, Advocacy, Freedom, and Empowerment (SAFE) Center for Human Trafficking Survivors is a university-based center that focuses on direct service provision, research, and advocacy in the field of human trafficking. Through in-house service provision and collaboration with partners, the Center provides social, legal, mental health, medical, and economic empowerment services to trafficking survivors regardless of nationality, gender, age, or type of trafficking.

The Crisis Intervention Specialist will be primarily responsible for providing immediate after-hours evening and weekend assistance to individuals who have been extracted from or who have escaped human trafficking in Prince George’s County, Maryland. For example, the Crisis Intervention Specialist will assess whether the trafficking survivor has an immediate need for food, clothing, and/or shelter. The Crisis Intervention Specialist will screen for mental health crises or substance abuse, and make appropriate connections to community resources for specialized services. The Crisis Intervention Specialist will also provide the survivor with information about services, community resources, assistance with referrals and connections to community providers, and safety planning. Should the survivor choose, the Crisis Intervention Specialist will work with the survivor to make a plan for longer-term services through a SAFE Center caseworker or another appropriate agency.

The Crisis Intervention Specialist will receive training on topics such as gaining an overall understanding of human trafficking, identification of human trafficking victims, crisis response, safety, working with first responders, promising practices for providing trauma-informed services to adults and minors, and other issues. The SAFE Center is located in College Park, Maryland. Candidates will be required to complete a background check.

For full job description and how to apply go to:

May 15, 2017

Fall 2017 Research Assistant positions with the Family Involvement Lab!

Interested in gaining hands-on research experience?


Students will serve as research assistants for the Family Involvement Lab project Baby Books 2, which is an intervention for low income mothers, fathers, & young children. The goal of the study is to understand the reading practices of these mothers’ & fathers.

Research assistants will participate in data collection; recruit parents; schedule visits; & enter data. Effective communication skills and a passion for working with families with young children is required. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing graduate work in the social sciences. Depending on interest & skill-level, there will be opportunities to write honors theses and participate in papers for publication.

Interested students should send their unofficial transcript and resume to Catherine Kuhns at For additional information on our lab, see our website at and

May 11, 2017

Research Assistant positions with the Early Childhood Interaction Lab!

Research Assistant Positions
Early Childhood Interaction Lab
Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology

The Early Childhood Interaction Lab is a part of the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology. We are seeking bright and motivated students to assist in the lab starting this summer and continuing through the fall. Research in the Early Childhood Interaction Lab focuses on understanding how young children's social interactions with peers and adults influences cognitive development. The lab specifically studies how play and informal learning activities promote children’s thinking in mathematics and problem solving.

-Conduct interviews with children
-Data Entry
-Transcribing interactions between adults and children
-Behavioral coding of children playing
-Prepare materials for visits

-Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
-Preference will be given to students who make a two semester commitment to working in the lab
-Minimum number of hours 8-10

How To Apply:
Interested students should complete an application found on our website ( and send it to: Also, please indicate when you would be able to start, your available hours, and whether you have access to a car. 

Attention May Graduates: Full-time Assistant Teacher positions with the Ivymount School!

Full-time Assistant Teacher Positions
Part-time Research Assistant Position
The Ivymount School   

The Ivymount School is actively recruiting recent college graduates to fill entry-level Assistant Teacher positions for the 2017-2018 school year. Please consider joining a nationally recognized school for students with special needs and make a meaningful impact on our students’ lives. The Ivymount School currently serves over 200 students, ages 4 through 21, and has a long history of providing educational programs and therapeutic services for students with disabilities through evidence-based instruction and interventions. This is an exciting hands-on opportunity to work with students who have learning disabilities. The Ivymount School offers employees both professional development and opportunities for career advancement within our organization.

Accepting applications for the following positions:
-Assistant Teacher
-1:1 Assistant Teacher
-ABA Instructor
-Research Assistant

How To Apply:
Please visit for more details about these positions and to apply online.

May 10, 2017

Project Specialist position with the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence!

Project Specialist Position
Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV)

The Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV) is the state domestic violence coalition that brings together victim service providers, allied professionals, and concerned individuals for the common purpose of reducing intimate partner and family violence and its harmful effects on our citizens. The Lethality Assessment Program—Maryland Model (LAP), a project of the MNADV, is an innovative, evidence-based program that equips officers to identify victims who are most at risk for being killed by their partners and connect them to life-saving services in their communities. To support the administrative and programmatic needs of LAP staff at the MNADV, and the efforts of jurisdictions that want to implement LAP, the MNADV is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented, and reliable professional to fill the role of Project Specialist. This position provides an opportunity for someone looking to gain experience providing technical assistance to various disciplines within the DV field.

-Assist with editing, revising, and formatting LAP-related documents.
-Respond to and refer inquiries and information requests on the LAP.
-Collaborate with staff to create administrative processes to support LAP staff and sites.
-Schedule meetings, trainings, events, webinars, and conference calls.
-Prepare, print, and organize materials for in-person meetings.
-Take minutes for all project-related meetings.
-Book all MNADV travel.
-Assist in grant-tracking project-related activities and developing grant reports.
-Review LAP data and surveys to analyze issues and prepare reports with data feedback.
-Review Google Alerts to identify and track domestic violence-related homicides in Maryland.

-Strong organizational skills.
-Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
-Strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
-Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, multi-task, and meet deadlines.
-Ability to work collaboratively with diverse managers.
-Ability to improve systems to streamline administrative processes.
-Experience with LAP preferred.
-Experience working in the domestic violence field preferred.
-Experience in data entry and analysis preferred.

How To Apply:
Position will remain open until filled. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. A criminal background check is required. Applicants must submit a cover letter and resumé. Only applicants who have been selected for an interview will be notified: Abby Hannifan, Project Director Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence 4601 Presidents Drive, Suite 370 Lanham, MD 20706 Email: Tel: 301-429-3601 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation internship opportunities with Cornerstone Montgomery!

Cornerstone Montgomery
Rockville/Bethesda/Silver Spring, MD

Cornerstone Montgomery is looking for qualified students to complete placements within our Vocational and Residential Programs! We serve clients with a mental illness or co-occurring mental illness. Our Vocational Program works with clients who have an interest or desire to obtain employment and our Residential program works with clients on their overall psychiatric wellness. You could gain experience in advocating for your clients, enhancing clients quality of life through employment, case management services, and psychiatric rehabilitation services. Join us today!

Please email resume and any questions to

May 9, 2017

Apply today for a summer research assistant position with the Motivated Cognition Lab!

Summer Research Assistant Positions
Motivated Cognition Lab

Interested in social psychology, goal pursuit, and motivation? The Motivated Cognition Lab is
searching for highly motivated, passionate, and hardworking students to join us as summer research assistants in the lab. Undergraduate research assistants will have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of research design and experimentation. RAs can also earn up to 3 class credits per semester. Interviews for summer RAs will be held during the first two weeks of May. Summer RAs will be expected to work from around May 15 to the end of August (though exact dates are somewhat flexible). Please visit the lab website for more information about the research we do:

-Recruiting and scheduling participants
-Psychology experiment programming
-Literature reviews
-Running experiments
-Data entry

-10-20 hour per week commitment
-Work hours flexible and can be arranged around class schedules
-Interest in social psychology
-Available from mid-May to end of August

How To Apply:
Please download the RA application at the following link. Save it to your computer as a PDF, fill it out, and email it to the Motivated Cognition Lab Manager, Marina Chernikova, at Link to application: HERE

Are you 21 or over and Interested in a career as a future helping professional? Don't miss out on these internship opportunities with the YMCA's Regional Youth Services/CORE Counseling Program!

Internship Opportunities
Regional Youth Services/CORE Counseling
YMCA Youth & Family Services (Silver Spring, Bethesda, and Chevy Chase)
Must Be 21 or Over

Obtain experience with Group Therapy, Intake Assessments, Group Supervision, Community Engagement, and Clinical Supervision.

If interested please email your resume to Anna Lee, Outreach Coordinator

AmeriCorps positions with YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School!

YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School 
Community Projects Coordinator Positions 
Begins August 14, 2017-August 14, 2018

This is a twelve-month AmeriCorps (stipend based) position, with a beginning training date of August 14, 2017. The position entails providing direct service to out-of-school youth, ages 18-21 in the areas of community service, student engagement, event planning, and academic enrichment. This position is excellent for recent college graduates with interest and experience in inner city education, youth development, and the social services sectors. For full position description and how to apply click HERE

VIPitt Weekend for underrepresented students applying for psychology graduate study at the University of Pittsburgh!

VIPitt Weekend
University of Pittsburgh 
October 27-29, 2017
Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh is excited to announce a new program called VIPitt for underrepresented minority students who are interested in graduate study in any of our programs (Clinical, Developmental, Health, Biological, Cognitive, or Social Psychology Ph.D.). Here’s a link for more information:

The deadline for applications is June 6th, 2017. Students do not need official transcripts or GRE scores in order to apply, and the weekend will be held in October of 2017 at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.