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Hold File & Wait List

Waitlist: A waitlist is a compilation of names of students who meet the criteria for restricted courses that are full at the time of registration. When a student places their name on a waitlist for a course, their place “in line” for that course is reserved. In order to keep their place on the waitlist, they must check-in daily through Testudo during schedule adjustment, which is the first ten days of classes. If one day is missed, the student will be dropped from the waitlist and must start over. Waitlists are for PSYC majors only.

Holdfile: A holdfile is a registration computer file that compiles the names of students who wish to take a restricted course for which they do not meet the criteria (e.g., a PSYC course for non-psychology majors). On the first day of classes, if there are available seats in the class, students on the holdfile will be placed in the course. If there is a waitlist for the course, students on the holdfile will join the back of the waitlist. Students on the holdfile must check in daily through Testudo during schedule adjustment, which occurs during the first ten days of classes, to maintain their spot on the holdfile. If one day is missed, the student will be dropped from the holdfile and must start over.

Students are capable of placing themselves on waitlists and holdfiles for multiple sections of one course. However, once a seat becomes available in a section, and the computer assigns them to that section, they will be removed from the waitlist of all the other sections for that course. This will occur before the student accepts the seat in that section. Students should not place themselves on waitlists that conflict with their schedule.

How to Place Yourself on a Waitlist or Holdfile

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Under the menu choices on the left, select Office of the Registrar

3. Under the Limited Access heading, click on Registration (Drop/Add)

4. Select the correct Drop/Add term and click Accept

5. Enter your Student ID Number or Directory ID and Password

6. Your schedule will appear

7. To add a course, enter the following information for the new course (Make sure all the information is entered)

a. 1st box – Course title without spaces (e.g., PSYC100)

b. 2nd box – Section number (e.g., 0101)

c. 3rd box – Grading method (e.g., Reg, Pass/Fail)

d. 4th box – Enter the number of credits granted for the course


8. Press Enter

9. If the course is full, you will see a message that says the class is closed. Click on the “Add to Waitlist” button.

10. Read the message at the top of the next page about waitlist check-in. Once you understand the conditions, click on the box to indicate this. Then scroll down and place a check mark next to the sections for which you wish to join the waitlist. If more than one section is available, you can pick multiple sections. Click “Return Section(s)” when you are done.

11. You will be sent back to the original Drop/Add screen. The system will display a message saying that you were added to the waitlist. However, the waitlisted course will NOT show up on your schedule here. Sign off when you are done.